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Water Conservation Campaign

for Water & Sanitation Projects, West Bengal

Also see PHAST Cards

This campaign was developed for the pilot Water and Sanitation Projects at Raghunathpur and Bolpur, West Bengal. These projects were collaboration between the Governments of Germany and India.

The project aimed to provide water supply technology, and simultaneously build community ownership of the systems. The campaign was launched after the network of stakeholders (communities, local NGOs and the Government administrators ) had been built.

    For the first time, communities were being invited to participate in decision making processes, take responsibility for maintenance of their water systems, and asked to pay a tariff for the pure water.

GKW Consult had identified two specific objectives for the campaign:

  • Promote Zero Waste

  • Promote Payment of Water Tariff

Messages were developed into stickers, posters, hoardings used very strategically at community meeting points and relevant offices.

Ceramic tiles were developed, and installed permanently on stand posts.

Zero Waste


"Let us turn off the taps that are needlessly left running"

Water tariff


"Those who have paid water tariff may use water; others may not"

Water Conservation Tips Leaflet


These were distributed to users who had connections at home, and included dos and don'ts of water use.


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