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    It's My Life is a series of interactive workshops, games and activities which were developed originally for Ignited Minds, to help young people discuss issues that were important to them.

    Since 2001, these workshops have evolved with active participation of young people, peer educators, trainers and organisations working with similar issues. Over time, these workshops have been fine tuned to work within practical constraints.

    (2001- 2007, Integrated into the Youth Resource Cells Project since 2007)

We have developed participatory learning aids on these issues...

Understanding myself and my values

This workshop helps young people see themselves as a resource. It helps explore self image, body image, values and strengths.

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Understanding Relationships and Responsibilities

This workshop helps young people understand their relationships with family, friends and the opposite sex. It helps them realise the limits of friendship; ways of expressing affection; roles, responsibilities and social attitudes that affect relationships.

Exploring Gender

This workshop helps young people understand gender concepts; explore and challenge gender stereotypes.

also see Changemakers' Workbooks


Family Life Education

This workshop helps young people understand some simple biological concepts (changes during adolescence; basic body processes) and also discusses risks and ways to remain safe.


This workshop helps young people understand how HIV spreads, everyday situations that are safe or unsafe in the context of HIV and social issues around HIV.

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HIV/AIDS kit | review all resources


Assertiveness Skills

This workshop helps young people examine situations where they may need to be assertive and also teaches them skills of how to be assertive.

Communication Skills

This workshop helps young people improve their interpersonal communication skills and also tackle communication challenges.


Stress Management

This workshop helps young people understand the causes of stress and learn ways of dealing with it as well as realise when to get help.

Exploring Work and Careers

This workshop explores different professions, individual values and strengths and therefore the right kinds of jobs for different personality types. It also draws attention to the responsibilities a job requires and the importance of having high work ethics.




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